Quantum Tour's Virtual Tours

Quantum Tour creates the highest quality virtual tours you will see anywhere on the web. Our virtual tours employ high resolution digital images stitched together to make large panoramic scenes of your establishment. Many virtual tours in the past produced grainy images that could not show your facility in the quality it deserves as well as warped the scene badly as the panoramic scene is turned.

Our virtual tours are created frame by frame with high resolution equipment that will show your facility like it actually is with minimal warping in high quality photography that can make your facility seen by the viewer as it really is. Most virtual tours in the past had to be shown in a format that demands the viewer download software to view. The box that usually "pops up" instructing the viewer to download the software to view looks very similar to the spyware that we have all come to hate, and may send the web visitor away without ever seeing your virtual tour. Our virtual tours are created in Macromedia Flash 7, the newest version of Flash that is available. Flash comes installed in most Windows platforms thereby eliminating the need for web visitors to download anything in most cases.

Our virtual tours are special as a web visitor may click from one scene to the next using links embedded within the tour eliminating the need for outside tour links from one scene to another. Our virtual tours allow us to embed blow up photos within the tour. This allows the web visitor to get a better look at anything you might want to highlight or make stand out in the tour. Our virtual tours can also include embedded video making the virtual tours capable of having movement and sound within the panoramic scenes. This makes our tours the most surfer friendly and the most interactive tours available on the web.

Just think, a web visitor comes to your site, they click on the virtual tour and see your facility as they would if they are standing there. As they look around your facility they see a person standing within the tour. They click on that person and hear them begin to speak directly to them offering them choices of scenes they can view. Links to other scenes appear as the person in the embedded video offers them.

Click below to view samples of our virtual tours.

Quantum Tour Virtual Tour Samples