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Would you like to discuss this tour? There is 1 comment so far.

Would you like to discuss this tour? There is 1 comment so far.

Fort Pulaski near Savannah, Georgia

Quantum Tour proudly presents Fort Pulaski National Monument near historic Savannah, and Tybee Island, Georgia. The construction of Fort Pulaski began in 1829 by the Army Corps of Engineers utilizing European and enslaved African American workers. The fort was occupied by Confederate troops shortly after the beginning of the Civil War. It was held by the Confederacy until April of 1862 when the Union army captured the fort. On April 10-11, 1862 Union artillery breached the Southeast wall, using the newest experimental addition to their arsenal, the rifled cannon. The fort was shelled from numerous battery positions located on Tybee Island. This new technology rendered brick fortifications obsolete. Damage from the rifled cannon can still be seen today on the South and Southeast wall of the fort. Fort Pulaski is located on Hwy 80 between Tybee Island and the City of Savannah.

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