Ogeechee Canal

Georgia Hwy 204
Savannah, Ga

Virtual Tour of Ogeechee Canal

Would you like to discuss this tour? There is 1 comment so far.

Would you like to discuss this tour? There is 1 comment so far.

Savannah-Ogeechee Barge Canal

Quantum Tour proudly presents The Savannah-Ogeechee Barge Canal near Historic Savannah Georgia. The historic Ogeechee Barge Canal begins with the tidal lock at the Savannah River and continues through four lift locks as it traverses 16 1/2 miles before reaching another tidal lock at the Ogeechee River. Along the way, the canal passed through Savannah's 19th century industrial corridor, former rice fields, timber tracts and a lush tidal river swamp. The canal hosted mule pulled barges used to bring supplies from The Savannah River to The Ogeechee River and back. Found on Georgia Hwy 204 between Savannah and Pembroke the canal is a beautiful historic location filled with natural flora and fauna. Stop in and take a walk down the old tow paths and see the beauty of coastal Georgia as well as the historic location!

Address and Telephone Number

Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Museum & Nature Center
681 Fort Argyle Road
Savannah, GA 31419-9239

Website and Contact

Visit the Savannah-Ogeechee Canal webpage at http://www.socanalmuseum.com/.

E-mail: socm@csam.net