Fort McAllister

3894 Fort McAllister Road
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

The making of Sherman's Neckties

This video is the re-enactment of making Sherman's Neckties. During William T. Sherman's infamous march to the sea he ordered his troops to disassemble miles of railways and destroy the track to prevent the Confederate forces to re-use the track. They would build a large fire and pile rail track across it. Once the rails were hot enough they would walk the rail around a tree and bend it making it useless. These markers were left across the south and some remain today. This video was made during a re-enactment for the History Channel at Fort McAllister near Richmond Hill, Ga. Fort McAllister was an important fort guarding the Great Ogeechee River entrance and the back door to Savannah as well as a number of rail lines that crossed it. This area around Savannah Georgia was an important target for the Union troops as it was feeding the Confederate troops with rice grown in the area. By securing the fort Sherman was able to bring in supplies and badly needed food for his armies before attacking Savannah itself.

Video: Shermans Neckties

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