Fort McAllister

3894 Fort McAllister Road
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

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# By slangist on April 12, 2011 4:20pm

The soldier reenactors at Ft McAllister nowadays wear Union uniforms because the Confederate slaveholders lost the war and lost the battle of Fr. McAllister. This is in no way disrespectful of Confederate soldiers who fought to prolong the war and to extend slavery into the West; just a recognition that they lost.

# By beatsphee on April 21, 2010 11:12am

I visited Fort McAllister in 2006, following my grandfather's route with the Army of the Tennessee. Wrong side, I know, but I am always confounded by the guts on both sides to fight in this horrible war against each other. My grandfather joined Union side in Illinois, fought all through western campaign, was wounded at Chattanooga, rejoined his outfit after Atlanta, following Sherman to the Sea. He apparently never spoke much of his trevails, and after the war married, had 10 children, settling in Kansas. Recent History Channel was revealing for both sides, and I know that the War is still unsettled in the South. And I am sorry for that. I personally compare his actions with those of Truman dropping the bomb - it probably saved lives, but what does that mean? I am an 81 year-old woman Civil War buff and am fascinated still by this haunting story of our country. My home has never been violated, crops destroyed, children killed; I cannot imagine the emotional repercussions activated by such actions. We are a warlike nation, and the repercussions of our actions in the Eastern nations are finding similar, deep-seated emotions even as I write this. Your state is very beautiful, at any rate, and I appreciated the hospitable Ranger at the Park.

# By applingrangers on March 12, 2008 5:23pm

A very enlightening video, gentlemen. I have read so often about Sherman's neckties, but never realized how relatively easily they were created. Not that I approve of them, mind you! As much as I enjoyed seeing this video, I would really like to see the History Channel do something that shows the Confederate point of view. So often we hold the folks who were living in 1860 to the climate of the 1960.
Tom Warnock, proud American veteran and proud member of Sons of Confederate Veterans.

# By Al Barrs on May 30, 2007 12:20pm

I agree about the CSA uniforms!

My GG Grandfather James C. Barrs was one of the 250 defenders of Ft. McAllister when Union General Sherman's force of some 9,000 attacked (March to the Sea Campaign) and over-ran the fort's small garrison, but they never surrendered and Col Anderson refused to surrender the fort in the face of astronomical odds and the impending attack on December 14, 1864. The garrison was taken after the CSA troopers were overpowered in hand-to-hand combat. The garrison soldiers were proud of that fact and in writings after the war the do not fail to clearly state that fact. GG Grandfather James C. Barrs was in the 1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Symons') after having served a six month enlistment in the 11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) from Brooks County Georgia. James C. Barrs was reported to be age 43, 5' 7" tall with dark skin and hair, and blue eyes. That was pretty old for a soldier. After capture at Ft. McAllister he was put in a hospital at Hilton Head South Carolina with Typhoid fever then sen to the Ft. Delaware Military Prison for the duration of the war and housed in Barracks #14. He returned to Brooks County GA after the war and his family had thought him dead. He later established Barrsville, Columbia County FL in 1871, was wounded by two disgruntal customers over credit for a bag of flower, but survived, and was dead by the 1887 when the murder trial took place. A South Carolina Cousin, Jno Barrs was also shot and died two days later in Jim Barrs home. I have written a CD Book: James C. Barrs' Life Story.

# By QuantumTour on November 15, 2006 7:46am

Mr. Barton, thanks for commenting on the tour of Fort McAllister. I agree that the tour needs Confederate soldiers in it. Unfortunately when I was on the location shooting the tour the re-inactors were in union uniform. Feel free to contact the park ranger there and suggest having us come back to create a Confederate version. Also, I'm afraid I have some other bad news for you. The History Channel is supposed be there reinacting Shermans Neckties. That is the nickname for the way Shermans troops disabled railroads on their infamous march to the sea which ended at McAllister with a land attack. They would build a fire under a tree and heat a railroad rail then bend it around the tree leaving that section of the track unusable. Today I will go to McAllister and shoot film and stills of the event. Depending on what I get, and due to the historical aspect of this re-inactment, these videos and stills may be added to the McAllister entity on Quantum Tour.

# By DLBartonSr on November 09, 2006 4:16pm

Great site! It makes me homesick, since I grew up in that area. One question, however. Why are the soldiers in the virtual tour wearing Union uniforms when this was a Confederate fort? This should not be so as it disrespects the Confederate soldiers who fought, died and were captured here trying to save the neighboring cities from Sherman's torches.

# By oddball on October 27, 2006 5:56pm

As a stranger browsing this site, It nice to see all around with the tour, rather than a single picture. For future holiday maker's that could be a plus to learn alittle of area you are visiting, some history and stat's. that's a good thing; in my view why haven't holiday company's done more like this. I have enjoyed my tour, will come again to see more

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