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Camp Verde Texas 78010

Welcome to The Camp Verde General Store between Kerrville and Bandera Texas

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Located just south of Kerrville Texas between Kerrville and Bandera Texas, close to The Bandera Pass. In these hills viewable from the porch of the general store were Indians from the Jumanos, Tonkawas, Lipan Apaches and Penateka Comanches lived. The Spanish called this area Lomeria Grande or The range of great hills. To the south is the Bandera Pass famous for the Indian and Texas Ranger battle in 1843. To the north of Camp Verde was Apache land and considered hostile, to the west, Comanche land. In the 1843 battle John Coffee "Jack" Hays (January 28, 1817 April 21, 1883) and 40 Rangers fought the Comanches at Bandera Pass. More than 100 Comanche were killed and are buried at the north end of the pass and five Rangers are buried at the south end.

In 1856 U.S. Secratary of War Jefferson Davis sent 40 camels to Camp Verde in what was known as The Texas Camel Experiment, to solve the need for transportation across the "Great American Desert". Many Congressmen considered the camel plan unrealistic and fantastic, however thirty thousand dollars was appropriated for the purpose.

The Army post at Camp Verde was surrendered to the Confederacy in 1861 when Lt. Hill Marched out to report himself and his command to the Fort at San Antonio

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