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Emails Received

We get many emails from people who are stunned by our Virtual Tours and use them in many ways. Below is one email we recently recieved from one of our web visitors:

Dear Quantum Tour,
I was so pleased to find your website while doing our research for a much needed vacation. We were deciding between a trip to Charleston or Savannah and found your site through a Google search.

I'm not a very "high tech" surfer, and I found the navigating through the Quantum Tour both user-friendly and super-informative. It was a little like watching a movie, but I got to choose which way the movie went and if I wanted to see parts of it over again. The flashing circles were great and gave me a real sense of "being there". I think I stayed at the site for well over an hour and have already sent the link to several of my friends.

Bottom line, I'm incredibly busy and travel extensively with my job. My time is very limited and personal time is precious to me. When I do take a break from work, it needs to be a win. The problem is, I don't have a lot of time to spend sitting down with a travel agent.

Your Virtual Tour of Savannah took the guess work about the location for our trip out of the equation. It really gave me confidence that my choice was a wise one. In a perfect world, I would have been about to take the same type virtual tour of the hotels. Maybe next time. We are booked and leave for Savannah tomorrow!

Obviously you are a tremendous asset to the tourist industry. I'll assume that you're from the area. In addition to your techno-skills, a lot of love clearly went into that project!

I only wish I had found your site when I was checking out hotel and the various travel information sites for the area. Those guys are totally missing out by not having your tour as a link!

Thanks again for the fabulous tour. I'll be checking your site first, when I start planning my next trip.

- E.A. Maffett